Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15th Goals

Ouch, this Monday was hard to get up to.  We had a super busy, but fun weekend and we just weren't ready for it to be over with quite so soon.   My BFF and I went to a wine tasting on Saturday night while our boys cooked out.  It was so late when we left there, we were all a so tired the next morning.

But nevertheless, in order to make it to the weekend again, we must tackle Monday first.  So here we go with my weekly goals.

For my home:
Weekly Home Blessing these are just the few items I do as fast as humanly possible to keep my home in tip top shape

  • trash
  • sweep / mop
  • vacuum
  • dust
  • change / wash sheets and bath mats
  • clean microwave
  • clean Scooby's bowls

I have a monster-ous mess in my kitchen right now.  Not dishes or food, but basically the supplies I had out for my mothers day dinner preparations that I was doing for my mom.  I made two batches of banana pudding, loaded potatoes and deviled eggs.  I still have storage containers everywhere and spices and seasonings on my counter.  I don't usually leave stuff like that out, but my potatoes were taking a lot longer to prepare than I had imagined so I had to grab them and leave in a hurry.  So I have some picking up to do today.  

This week's zone is the main bathroom / kid's bed and bath / extra room.  I am actually not sure what I want to work on in these areas.  I think I might vacuum out Caleb's closet and de-clutter his bathroom storage.

This week's pamper mission from Flylady is to clean out and take inventory of your lingerie drawer.  Being that Summer is upon us we have to be ready to wear those sleeveless and strapless summer clothing.  I will definitely be doing this because in June Victoria's Secret has their semi-annual sale and I usually try to hit it up when it comes around.  I know there are some items I need to replace in this drawer and now is the perfect time to make a list for what to buy. 

This is the week I clean out my car so that will be on my agenda.  I try to alternate a clean car and a clean purse each week.  I drive about 50 miles a day thru construction areas so after two weeks my car is so covered in dust that you can't tell it's even red.  

I have my blog post almost all ready for this week.  I am doing a tutorial on a look that I found on Pintrest.  The original look was done with the Anastasia Modern Renaissance pallet, but I recreated it using a small Wet N Wild pallet along with the Maybelline Nudes pallet.  I wore it on Saturday night and Sunday and received so many compliments on it.  I even had a man say how nice it looked.  LOL

My health goals have been to limit the sugar and sweets to two days a per week and I have been doing pretty good there.  I have been working out more than usual this past few weeks so that is another goal to keep at it.  I still like having a couple days of plant based foods as breakfast and lunch.  I don't want to add any new health goals just yet because I have been really trying to fit my workouts in more regularly and I am still focusing on that for now.  

For last week my goals weren't too strenuous because I spent Monday at the hospital with my baby sister while she had her second baby girl.  I kept up with them all quite well so I gave myself a much needed pat on the back. LOL

What does your week look like? Let me know in the comments below.  Until next time, take care.


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