Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Blue and yellow is an ok fellow 😕...I might need some help on the title.

Ok, I had a hard time coming up with some sort of catchy phrase for my title....so, unfortunately "Blue and yellow is an ok fellow" is kinda what we are going with.  😏

How have you been?  Is life just crazy for you?  I can't get past the fact that Caleb has only 6 weeks of school left until he's in the third grade....😭....I'm not happy about it, not one little bit.  I hate everyday that he grows older...it makes me cry.  But, as Caleb constantly reminds me...."mommy, I'll always be your little boy".  💓

So, how was your weekend?  Whew, mine was a whirlwind....again.  On Saturday we did quite a bit of fun stuff.  It rained all day long, so Caleb decided that even though it was in the 50s that he was bound and determined to play in the puddles.  Along with my little sis and her two girlies, we went to Michaels craft store.  They have these kid's crafts every Saturday, so we attended that.  They made a bunny out of a small flower pot, bunny glitter slime (I do NOT recommend), and then they sent them on a scavenger hunt throughout the store to find different items and bring back the list checked off for a prize.

Seriously, I know what they were doing with the scavenger hunt....I would have bought the entire store out, if I didn't have my wits about me.

This scavenger hunt sent us through the Easter decor and then we went through the home decor aisles....but, no Michaels...I know that ploy, you will NOT get me to buy that cute farmhouse sign decor....even if I did imagine how beautiful it would look in my kitchen and even though there were many tears after leaving empty handed....

I might be back there tomorrow...

Okie dokie, I am dipping back into my Rimmel Jewel Rocks pallet today.

Sometimes, I get caught up in doing the same thing....even as a beauty blogger who is always trying new things...this just sometimes happens.  With my crazy schedule right now, that's how it has been for me.  So today, I decided to go back to my easy but colorful look that I have come to really love, and I wanted to show you just how simple it is to create.

Most people do not think about yellow as being an eye shadow shade they are comfortable wearing.  I think it really depends upon the tone of yellow first and foremost, but it's also in the way its executed on the eyes that determine how the look comes out as well.  I did this yellow and blue look quite a while back and have since worn it several times over....it's so simple you will pinch yourself in disbelief.

So, let's hop to it...

First up I went in with the matte yellow shade from the pallet and swiped it all throughout my crease.  I went in with a couple coats to get the intensity I was looking for.  But you could do a light dusting if you are hesitant about a yellow eye look.

Next I used one color over, the yellowish golden shimmer, and swiped it all over my lid.

I think I might have said before, that you want to swipe these all the shimmers in the pallet, as opposed to patting, to get the best application.  Or you can use your finger or even a wet brush application.  They really work so well with those three application methods.  But patting it on will result in an overlay of shimmer and not too much color.

Next, I went in with a blue pencil liner, this one is by Loreal in Cobalt Blue, and I put it directly in my lower water line.

Then I used the blue color in the pallet and ran it along my lower lash line to smudge out the liner.

I finished up the eyes with black liquid liner on the top lash line and a few coats of mascara and moved on to the face.

I decided to go easy on the cheeks with the blush and went for the very neutral Bellisimo Bronze from Milani.

Then I used Maybelline's Clay Crush matte lipstick on my lips, and topped it with Milani's Lip Plumping Gloss in Prismatic Peach (BTW:  No, this does not plump my lips, I'm pretty sure it's just an optical illusion, LOL)

I love the way the look turned out....I thought it was a fun and easy look to create and to be perfectly honest, it's not a look that I feel is way extreme or "in your face kind" of look.  It's a subtle colorful look....at least that is my thought on it.

So that's all I have for today....we are picking up part of Caleb's first communion suit today...the jacket has to be altered still, but it will be ready next week.  I swear that was the biggest fiasco I think I had ever been in when it came to clothes shopping.  We went to five different stores and I am pretty sure I was shedding tears in each and every dressing room we were in.

I'm so happy to have remembered the Men's Warehouse, and their assistant manager, Jonathan was there to help me out.  I spent more than I had been hoping for....um, by quite a bit, but fortunately we did have the money for it, and I am getting what I want, Caleb is getting fitted exactly for it, and it will all be ready by May 2nd like we need.  So, NO MORE TEARS!!!  Yay!!

Well, that's all I have for today, I hope you enjoyed and will come back and visit me here again at 523!! I will talk to you all again, really soon.

Until next time, take care!