Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Home Blessing Routine

It's no surprise to anyone about my love for the FlyLady System.  I have and will continue to rave about how much it has helped me to transform my life.  Each week on Mondays I post my weekly goals and the very first entry on each post is to do my weekly home blessing.  I wanted to tell you what this is and exactly what this consist of for our home and how it differs from Flylady's.

Flylady's Weekly Home Blessing consist of  7 items that you are challenged to spend 10 minutes on each item and then stop.  This is typically done on Mondays.
  • Vacuum
  • Dust
  • Quick Mop
  • Polish Doors / Mirrors
  • Throw out magazines / papers / catalogs
  • Change Sheets
  • Empty Trash
The reasoning for this part of the system is to get the main parts of our home blessed (cleaned).  You don't spend thirty minutes dusting nick nacks or hand scrubbing floors.  You go as simply as fast as possible and stop after the timer goes off.  In the beginning it is hard to get these items done in the 10 minute time frame and that mostly is because we are trying to do it "perfectly" and that can cause us some distress.  It took me years to get passed this feeling.  I still experience it sometimes, even years after doing my WHB like this, so I will look around my house and see how nice it looks and that feeling just fades away.

Now, my WHB is a bit different.  My list is as follows:
  • Sweep / Mop
  • Bathmats
  • Change Sheets
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Scooby's Bowls
  • Microwave
First thing is that I have a few different items on my list.  You don't see the magazines because I don't keep things like that at home so I have nothing the throw out.  Next up you don't see the trash cans and that's not because we don't empty them, its because my boys take care of that for me.  Caleb will gather all of the trash bags in the bathrooms and bedrooms and throw them in the large trash in the kitchen and then Brad takes it all out to the street for pickup.  I am so lucky to have my best boys!! :) Next up I don't have doors and mirrors to polish either.  We have windows on the exterior doors to our house but those get cleaned during my zone work and my mirrors are all in the bathroom where I clean them each day during my swish and swipe (that's for another post).  What I do have are to clean the bathmats and that is just throwing them in the washer and then the drier.  I do this because I like to keep them nice and white.  I also have Scooby's bowls and wiping the inside of the microwave.  These both take mere seconds to do.  I wills spray the inside of the microwave and leave it while I take the dog bowls and wash them and dry them and then take the drying rag and wipe the cleaner from the microwave.  I do these two things because I hate having a dirty microwave and when a pet peeve can be taken care of in less than 30 seconds, then why not? And Scooby's bowls are because one time per week he gets coconut oil drizzled on his food to keep his skin and coat healthy and shiny but it can leave a little film inside the bowl.  Plus when his bowls are clean it makes me feel better knowing that he's eating and drinking out of clean dishes too, which I feel is important for my dog.  

Now for the timing.  I don't do this all in one day or one hour (actually it might get done in an hour combined, I have never timed it).  I am a work outside of the home mom and it is hard to find that complete hour in one evening.  So I will break it up and do different items on different days.  The sheets get done Monday morning when we all make our beds and they, along with the bathmats, will be put in the washer and set to a delayed time so they will be just finishing up washing when I get home.  I do my sweeping and mopping in the afternoons usually while Caleb is doing his homework at the kitchen table on Mondays (I like to get this done first because I am not a fan of sweeping and mopping, you know the saying "eat frog first").  On Tuesdays I will dust in the morning before work and vacuum when I get home.  Tuesday's are the days that Scooby gets his bath and he is rewarded with his coconut oil dinner afterwards.  This makes it ready for me to clean on Wednesday morning along with wiping out the microwave all while waiting on my coffee to brew.   Each task on my WBH will always take less than 15 minutes to do.  Actually most of them only take about 5-10 minutes each.  So I am sure that I keep within my 1 hour combined.

A couple things you might not notice on my list are the bathroom sinks, toilets and showers.  I will cover this in another post, but for now you can just know that all three of the bathrooms get cleaned daily, including the toilets and showers.  It takes me 2 minutes per bathroom to complete and I never have to scrub the tub or toilets.  :)

This is how I complete my weekly home blessing routine.  I have heard many times from skeptics about the Flylady system not being for working moms and only tailoring to stay at home moms, but I am living, breathing, walking proof that it's not true.  Once you get it set to your life and circumstance then you will see just how well it can work out no matter what you are.  

I hope this gives you a little insight as to how I go about my home blessing per week.  If you have any questions, you can leave me a comment or send me an email.  If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share, I am all ears and ready to listen.

Until next time, take care.



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