Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cleaning the bathrooms with a "Swish and Swipe"

Each Monday I will submit a post for my weekly goals.  I love seeing laid out in front of me what I am wanting to accomplish each week.  At the beginning of each week I always list my home blessing routine as my first item.  This is a list of items I do each week to keep my home in tip top shape.  The catch is that I only spend about 10 minutes per task.  I do one or two in the morning before work and same in the afternoon.  I usually have my house spic and span by Wednesday morning and never have to spend hours upon hours cleaning on Saturdays.  My WBH is as follows:

  • Sweep / Mop
  • Bathmats (just throw in washer)
  • Change / Wash sheets
  • Clean Scooby's bowls
  • Clean Microwave
  • Dust 
  • Vacuum

A couple of the things you will may notice are missing are taking out the trash and the bathrooms.  The trash is very easy, Caleb and Brad both do that for me.  I am so spoiled by my boys.  Caleb has had chores since he was about 4 years old and one of them has always been to take out the trash bags from the bathroom / bedroom trash cans.  These are the little 4 gallon trash cans so they don't hold much and are easy for him to grab and throw in  our large trash can.  Brad will keep the large trash can empty for us, and I couldn't be more grateful for this.  It wasn't always like this in our house though, but that is for another post.  

Now, to my actual reasoning for my blog post.  The bathrooms..... they are a bit different.  I actually clean these on a daily basis.  Before you get too alarmed, it only takes me 2 minutes per bathroom (we have 3 bathrooms) to do this.  So in 6 minutes each day I have sparkling bathrooms that never smell or ever have to be harshly scrubbed on hands and knees.  You can always come into my house and have a clean toilet to rest your tush on and I enjoy the feeling of knowing that my family has a clean and sanitary place to "go".  But how do I do this?  I do what the Flylady calls "Swish and Swipe".  

What I do is, after my shower, I will take some cleaner  (one that can be used on glass / mirrors) and spray down the sink / vanity, mirror and toilet.  Next I squirt a little toilet cleaner in the toilet bowl and then take shower cleaner and spray down the shower.  I grab a wash rag and wipe the sink, mirror and toilet.  Next I take my toilet brush and swish it around to clean the inside bowl.  After wards I will turn on my shower and wash out all of the shower cleaner.  I will go and do this to Brad and Caleb's bathroom not too long after mine.  I keep these three cleaners, plus rags in each bathroom so I am not running around the house looking for each cleaner.  If I have to go chase down cleaning products, I will probably never get it done.  Another life changing thing for me was that I had the shower heads that can detach and be held on with a hose installed in each bathroom.  This allows me to spray the entire shower and tubs clean after they have been soaped up.  

Doing my daily swish and swipe gives me the gift of not having to worry about how clean my bathroom is plus, I don't have to scrub the tubs or tile, nor do I get that black crud that forms under the lip of the toilet bowl.  I am always able to check the toilet paper rolls while in the bathrooms so I don't run out of toilet paper and grab any clothes or towels that may have been left to take to the laundry room.  I enjoy knowing that in 6 minutes I can breathe a sigh of relief in having a sparkly bathroom and that feeling is un-measurable.   

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