Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Loreal True Match Lumi Foundation

In my last allowance post, I had mentioned that I picked up the Loreal True Match Lumi foundation and was eager to try it out. I had heard so many youtubes rave about the luminosity of this foundation and was smitten to have glow-y skin.........or so I thought.

For a re-cap, the foundation was $10.97 from Walmart and I purchased it in the shade W1-2 Light Ivory.  It is waayy to light for my skin tone, but they didn't have the color I needed and since patience is something I lack, I went ahead and got the wrong color.

I wore it all of last week (went a little heavier on the bronzer to make it match) and I charted my results as to how it turned out.

Please remember that my skin is very oily.  I don't have issues with dry patches or flaky skin of that nature, it is an oil producing machine.  I always moisturize with Cetephil for oily skin (which is supposed to help control the oil) with SPF and let it sink in a few minutes before applying my foundation.

When you have naturally "dewy" skin such as myself, luminous foundations aren't really the type that one would normally gravitate to.  Typically I would use a powder highlighter, but I really, really wanted to try it out and see if I could attain the "glow from within" look.  I probably could have chosen a little bit more budget friendly-er version of luminous foundation but I heard too many great reviews on this one, so I dove in head first.

The first day I wore it, I really didn't pay any attention to it.  It was a Sunday so putting on my makeup was a long drawn out process.  I applied the foundation and then went for cup of coffee and a netflix show.  I came back and put on concealer and then got Caleb dressed.  I finished up with powder and then forgot all about the foundation and never looked back.

So the pictures above are of me wearing the foundation on two separate days.  The first one is about four days into having the foundation.  I am going to say that the Snapchat photo (second one) is very deceiving because the filter gives my skin a very gorgeous appearance so the real viewing of it is in the last photo of me and my sisters on another day of wear.

I have been wearing this foundation for over one week now and I have taken a few notes on how I feel about it.

First off, I tried this foundation three separate ways.  I went with a matte primer, pore minimizing primer and with out any primer.  It was humid for part of the week and the foundation practically melted off my skin with both primers and without but then the weather turned out really nice.  I would apply my foundation at 5:30 am each morning and for the first few days and it would break down and become an oily mess by 10:30 am and even earlier.

Setting the foundation was very tricky.  The first few days I would set it with the Maybelline Fit Me Matt and Poreless powder.  No matter what I used, brush or beauty blender it would always pull the foundation off.  I even let the foundation sit and dry for half an hour before powdering and it still pulled off the product.

I finally found out the trick to the foundation in the later part of the week.  I started using my Silk translucent powder and baking the foundation.  It dried within 10 minutes of the baking and lasted an hour longer before breaking down.

My final thoughts on the foundation is that it is not for me.  It takes too much work to make this sit still on my face.  If you have dry skin, I think this would be a dream come true but for my oily skin it was just a mess.  I am not finished on my quest for a "luminous" glow on my face but I think I might be trying the luminous primer next to see what that hype is all about.

Tell me about your skin type and the foundation that works well for you.  Do you have a recommendation of a foundation I should try?  Leave it in the comment section below.  I will talk to you all again soon.


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  1. I have tried this in the past and it wasn't a good fit for me either. Very accurate review.

    1. Thank you, I want to make sure I give products the absolute best test I can and review them according to my findings.