Friday, March 31, 2017

KA - Beauty Haul - Wet N Wild, Loreal and Milani

Beauty Haul featuring Wet N Wild, Loreal and Milani

I have a budget friendly beauty haul for you today, using my allowance that I a lot for myself each week.  I did some shopping and picked up a couple beauty items that I had been eyeing for a while.  If you are new to my blog then you can check out my introduction to "Kim's Allowance" and see just what these post are about.  I'm a girl on a budget but not willing to give up my habits.

Ready? Let's go!!

First up I got the Loreal True Match Lumi Foundation.  For starters, I have very oily skin and the thought of a "luminous" foundation will scare the pants off of me.  It probably doesn't help that I live in Texas which can be very hot and humid and an oily skin worst nightmare.  But, after watching Julie Dawn Olsen's YouTube Channel and seeing how much she raved about the Loreal True Match Lumi foundation, I couldn't help but want to try it out.  I want the glow-y, healthy, luminous look on my face, even if I risk the outcome of being a grease-y oil slick.


As far as the luminosity, well I can't really tell that just yet.  The "glow" that I thought I'd be seeing isn't there.  But, to be fair, I have never had any sort of luminous foundation before either, so I am not quite sure what the "glow" should actually look like.  However, I have been having a hard time setting it for some reason.  It keeps wanting to rub off and not dry down. But I am going to play around with this for a period of time and then I will share my review on a separate post soon to come.

Next up I bought 2 Wet N Wild color trios in "Walking On Egg Shells" & "I'm Getting Sunburned"
I don't need to do a separate post on this one because I LOVE THESE TRIOS!!!  Let's talk about the Walking on Egg Shells first.  I cannot believe that I had never picked up this trio before.  I am amazed at how dark this middle brown shade can get.  I have been working on my 10 minute makeup face (more to come later) and this little trio has been the star of the show.  I will be showing a tutorial in a later post on this pallet, I have a few ideas I am wanting to try with it.

On to the I'm Getting Sunburned pallet.  This one has the same quality as the previous, with very soft pigmented colors.  I have not used this one yet and when I do I will show a tutorial on it.  I actually think that they would make a gorgeous smokey look if you were add both of the pallets together.

$2.93 each - Total:  $5.86

Lastly on my shopping trip I purchased the Milani Rose Blush in Blossomtime.  It is supposedly a dupe for Nars Orgasm but I will have to test that out later.  I have plenty of Nars Orgasm "dupes" in my collection and did not need another, but how can you pass up a gorgeous blush in the shape of a flower? Not I, said the fly.


I had fun picking up some new stuff and am in the midst of trying this foundation out so I may be able to do a complete, informative review on it. After all, when you spend $11 for a foundation at the drugstore it had better be pretty good.  At least, in my opinion it should be.   So my total allowance spent with tax (can't forget Uncle Sam) is $25.76.  That left me with just enough money to get a tall cafe mocha from the Starbucks that sits right outside my Walmart.  I just can't deny that makeup shopping and Starbucks are the perfect combination for this girl and made for a super fun filled day.

I will talk to you again soon!


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