Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1st Goals

Yay for Monday!! As much as I hate to admit it, I do actually enjoy an extent of course.  I mean, its still Monday and that means 5 days away from the weekend and sleeping in, but for me Mondays are a chance to start my week over and off on a good foot.  I am one who likes to get my work and responsibilities done at the very beginning of the day, week, months, whatever, and that way I have to rest of the time to do whatever I want.  So Mondays for me are my jumping pad for taking off to a fun and productive week.  That's why I make my goals for the week on Mondays.  So here we go....

My Weekly Home Blessing:

  • Change / Wash Sheets
  • Sweep / Mop / Bathmats
  • Clean Scooby's Bowls
  • Clean Microwave
  • Dust
  • Trash 

This week I have got to clean my car.  I cleaned my purse last week and I will alternate purse and car every other week or so.  But it has been raining a ton here and I drive thru 25 miles of construction zone one way to work and the dirt from that drive makes my car a filthy mess.   Plus Caleb lost a Lego Ninjago mini fig helmet somewhere in the car and it might help to look for it when we go to clean out the car. :)  PS: That missing helmet has been a severe catastrophe in the eyes of little 6 year old Caleb.  He's so upset because his PaPaw bought him that set that came with that little figure and he spent a good part of yesterday in tears because his "Papaw spent his hard earned money to buy it for him and he lost the helmet".  I am still in shock that he stated this to me.  He's too grown up for being only 6.

I'm going to do a Flylady post this week.  I am excited to share with you all about how I do my weekly home blessings.  I have been a flybaby for 10 years now and I do feel I am pretty well versed on the system, but mostly how I made it work for me.  I have a severely born organized mother in law and while many years ago the in laws would have made sly remarks about my house keeping, that is definitely a thing in the past.  My MIL actually comments regularly on how organized and clean my home is.  ;)  

I have been working harder on my health lately, being that I will be turning 36 this year, I am no spring chicken.  I know that I have to make my health as well as my family's a priority so I am keeping up with kicking the sugar habit to only twice per week.  I do my best to keep this to the weekends.  

I am working on Caleb's playroom closet for this month.   I have most of my zone house work done so I have some major free time to alot to this project and my goodness does it need it.  I will have to take some before pics and show you.  I will NOT show my MIL, she would most certainly change her mind about calling my house organized.  LOL   I just cannot get a handle on this room.  I think it's because with my stuff, I have no problem donating things I don't use but for me to donate Caleb's things are a bit more harder.  And he is even worse at it than me.  But I am determined I will eventually succeed after consistent baby stepping.

The Flylady's monthly habit this month is "Moving in May" and I am excited to get back to doing some extra movement, in the form of cardio that is, to help my health journey kick up a notch.  I am certain I will want to stay around long enough to see my grandkids. 

This week's pamper mission from Flylady is to break out the fancy lotions and potions that you save for "special occasions" and actually use them.  I don't have any problems with this because I do this on a regular basis.  I adore getting to go to Bath and Bodyworks and find yummy scented pamper goodies for myself.  Saturday I went and restocked on the newly released bath bombs they have come out with and took myself ANOTHER bubble bath on Sunday.  If you don't already know, I haven't had a bubble bath since before Caleb was born.  I finally took one two Sundays ago and it was heavenly so I continued on with yesterday and loved it even more.  So basically this pamper mission is just allowing me to refill my scented potion collection. :)

I will talk to you all again, soon.  Until then, take care.


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