Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 17th Goals

It's Monday  Tuesday!! That means I am late on posting my weekly goals.  LOL
I like to post them on Monday but because I do all my post on my computer at my office and I was off on Monday, then I don't get to post.

Anyways here we go.

The weekly pamper mission from Flylady is to take some much needed TLC in the bubble bath.   I am not sure when I will do this but I will try for Saturday.  Our only bathroom that had a full size tub is in Caleb's room.  So I will have to boot him out of his room for 30 minutes.  I will let you know how that works out. LOL  If all else fails I will have a pamper shower in my bathroom.

My usual Flylady weekly home blessing:

  • Change / Wash Sheets
  • Sweep / Mop Floors / Wash Bathmats
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Trash
  • Dog Bowls
  • Microwave
I will be remembering to make my menu BEFORE I go grocery shopping.

I usually clean my car out one week and clean out my purse the next and this week I will be tackling the car.  I'm pretty good at keeping trash out of the car each time I get fuel but I drive thru construction zones everyday so my car gets really dusty on the outside and by the two week mark it definitely needs a good vacuum and wipe down on the inside.

The zone area for the week is the master bed and bath.  I am working on cleaning all the doors in my house.  You know, just wiping all the fingerprints off and such.  I will be doing the master area's doors for this week

My health goals are same as before plus one:
One plant based breakfast, no sweets until the weekend, my pamper goal and I am adding to make one really healthy meal for my family.  Now, I try to make our meals as healthy as humanly possible being that my boys are very southern and so is my cooking.  But I am talking about making a sure fire, heart healthy, low carb, low sugar, full of protein type meal.  I want this to be packed with antioxidants and all the other good stuff I have not yet discovered. LOL.  My boys will surely moan and groan but I will make the day after their Taco Tuesday so I can balance out the heart hazard that comes with my tacos.  ;)

For last week's goals, I did quite well on my menu and home goals, but that might be from the fact of having 20 people come to my house for Easter that loomed over my head.  My health goals, well.... not so much.  I had my plant based meal but the sweets during the week are still my weakness.  But I am going to keep trying until I get it right.

I think that's all the goals I can fit into one week.  Tell me what yours are, I would love to know.
Talk to you again soon.


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