Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27th Goals

It's Monday again, and this is the time of the week where I set my goals for the week.  I don't do this on Sunday, and I am not sure why, it is just easier for me on Mondays, so whatever works I guess.  I like listing out the things I need or want to do so I can have the gratification of checking them off when I am done.

Goal number 1:
Home Blessing / Home Zone (living room / Caleb's Playroom)
  • Sweep / Mop
  • Dust
  • Detail Dust the Living Room and Playroom
  • Trash (this is Caleb's job)
  • Change / Wash Sheets
  • Vacuum the floors

Goal number 2:
27 Fling in the Playroom closet for throw away, put away and give away.  I am out to tackle this room if it is the last thing I do!!  :)

Goal number 3:
Work on swish & swipe in Brad's bathroom.  I have slacked on his bathroom and while he will eventually clean it himself, it still makes me feel better when I have cleaned it and know just how clean it actually is.  

Goal number 4:
I had a goal last week where I wanted to go the entire week without sweets.  I almost made it, but we had company over this weekend and they brought dessert.  So this week I am just going to keep it to the week days.  I figure any little bit counts right? 

Goal number 5:
Make my meal plan for next week.  Easy, peasy.

Goal number 6:  Pamper Mission!! (my favorite)
Give myself a mini pedicure.  (its sad that i have to schedule to pamper myself)

We had a nasty storm last night and Caleb and our dog, Scooby, slept in our room so needless to say, I am very tired.  My goal list isn't going to be too hardcore because I will most likely be slacking a bit today.  But who knows, I might kick it in severe gear tomorrow.  


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