Thursday, March 30, 2017

Introduction to "Kim's Allowance"

Hey Everyone,

In a few days I am going to be posting my first "Kim's Allowance" post and I wanted to kind of give you a little info as to what this and future post will be like.

First off, as much as it sounds juvenile, the word "allowance" is used very lightly.  No this is not a set amount my husband gives me to spend, this is my own doing.  I feel as a mom and caretaker of the majority of the house, I have a right to be rewarded just like Caleb is rewarded with his allowance.  Caleb, Brad and I each have a set amount that we budget to spend for each month.

Even though it is a set amount (that is set my me), there may be things that I am needing or wanting or such that goes beyond that.  I try to keep such purchases for gifts that my family may give, such as higher end makeup pallets or clothes.  I budget myself $30 per week for things that I may want to get like drugstore makeup, a shirt, accessory, or even some sort of home decor item I am wanting.  If the item I want goes over that amount and it's not necessary to purchase it, then I will wait until the next week or however long it takes to save my money.  Sure I could spend more and not be in trouble or turn my budget into a downward tailspin to depletion (well it depends on how much over I spend).  But I try to be responsible with our finances and being that we are saving up for a travel trailer, I want to do my part in the saving.  Plus if I have to wait two weeks to purchase something more expensive it will allow me the time to really decide if I want this item in question.

Now, for the fun stuff...I love to shop, its a hobby, passion, obsession, whatever you might call it.  I love new makeup, shoes, accessories and clothes.  Along with fashion and beauty I also love home decor items.  My style is "semi-chic, comfy, classic mom", and that not only goes for my personal style but also my home.  I want it to be semi-chic, but comfortable and relaxing with some added fun pops of color and some specs of girly-ness thrown into it all.  I am the only girl in the house so I am very aware of the main living areas of the house need not be too frilly, but all bets are off on my personal spaces in the house and my personal style of fashion and beauty.

My "allowance" post will be budget friendly in all ways humanly possible, being that I only have $30 a week to spend, I don't have much choice.  LOL.  I enjoy the challenge of seeing things that are high end pricing but finding a very similar item at very low end pricing.  Dupes, if you will.  I will share with you my thoughts on my goodies and if needed (like makeup reviews) I will make a separate post on things that require a little bit of using to find out if it was worth the price steal.  That's all I have for now, talk to you again soon.


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