Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sometimes you just want to be the most interesting person you know

We've all seen the commercial....."he's the most interesting man in the world".
While scrolling thru Pintrest I was checking out blogging tips and the like and saw this comment on how to be a good lifestyle blogger.  While I never had even clicked on the link, nor could I even find it again, I'm quite sure, I did catch this one phrase that came across it.  It said "live an interesting life".  Have you ever heard of people having mottos for the year?  I had never put too much thought into it but after reading that one phrase, I decided that I had just found mine for 2017.  That's what I love about life.  It can be whatever you could possibly imagine.  And I've been told my imagination is a bit "interesting".  So with that all said, that's what I am setting out to do this year.
I am wanting an interesting life for a few reasons....one is to just say that I did these things, but I think the absolute most important one is to give Caleb an opportunity to see just how great life can be when you just try.
I stayed up awake in bed last night just pondering over how to make our lives more "interesting".  What makes an interesting life?  Well Merriam-Webster dictionary says that interesting is "attracting your attention and making you want to learn more about something or be involved".  In the kids definition is says "not boring or dull" .  It also says the word "life" means "period between birth and death".  So being involved, not boring, attracting attention making me want to learn more between the period of birth and death.  Ok, now that we've got that figured out (she says sarcastically).
So I think I will take a look at Caleb's little life.  How do I get his attention to make him want to learn more or be involved?  I had thought about when I was a child and what made me want to learn more and I think an apple dropped on my head because I realized that the act of "doing" things was what allowed me to want to be more involved and learn more.  So that is what I have set out to do.
My goal to allow me to live my motto is to take Caleb (and when the hubs work schedule permits, he will go with us) to do different things at least once per month.  This could range from things such as museums and parks or even volunteering options as well.  For the month of January a friend of mine and her son will be joining us as we check out Sci-Tech Discovery museum for kids.  February has been planned before my motto was even set, we have tickets to go see Cirque Du Soleil with my parents.
I am still curious about what else would make for an interesting life.  So after doing some more detailed research I have found these few things that will help allow one to live an interesting life.

Hello My Name Is Blog suggested to not be "one-dimensional".  He explains that a person who does not have an open mind or has limited views on activities and experiences other than their own personal passion can make for a boring person. I like this, it goes back to my idea of taking Caleb to do things outside of our comfort zone.  I am thinking the ballet might be in order for this family at 523. ;)

Elite Daily  states that interesting people have multiple hobbies.  I will have to really work on this one for me.  I don't know what kind of hobby I like, other than cosmetics and fashion.  Is there a hobby of getting dressed?

And the last one was one that I found on multiple blog post and websites.  It says to be a good listener.  I like to think I am a good listener, but who knows, I may not listen enough to even know if I am. I will need to research "good listener" and get back to that one.

So that's all I have for now, let me know what you think it takes to "live an interesting life".


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