Monday, January 23, 2017

Favorite Holiday and Why?

My Favorite holiday is pretty simple.....its Halloween.
I have so many reasons why I love this holiday.  For starters it is in October which happens to be my favorite month of the year.   I love October because it is the beginning of the cool weather for us here in Texas  and let me tell you, after having 100+ degree summers, we graciously welcome any small sight of crispness in the air.
October is the the national breast cancer awareness month and that is the time of year that I am able to help out the ones fighting the battle by purchasing the sponsored "pink" colored products during this month.  So basically everything you could ever want in the color pink, you could most definitely find in October.    But this is about my favorite holiday, not month or color so....back on track.
For some (odd) reason I have this intense obsession with shows like A Haunting and The Haunted, that come on the Destination Discovery channel.   These all happen to start up or have new season of these around Halloween, naturally.  I am not quite sure why I love shows like these that feature peoples tales of ghostly hauntings, but I do and I won't deny it.  I will go on severe binges of watching these shows all day long (of course Caleb is a grandmas during this time) and chowing down on the Halloween candy that I purchased for trick or treaters, even though we are never home on Halloween.
That will lead me to the next one....the candy!! Oh how I love the chocolate-ness of twix, snickers and kit kats.  But I love just as much the ooey gooey sticky candy like dots and twizzlers.  I'm hungry for kit kats now.....just great.  I do my best to get my candy fill in before Caleb comes home with his bag of goodies so I am not "mean mommy" who eats all the child's treats from Halloween.  But, I'm usually grabbing a handful and heading to the only serene place in our home (I'm talking about the bathroom) where I can indulge in the sugary sweetness of my son's stolen candy.  No shame here folks.
But what I adore the most is getting Caleb dressed up and taking him around to the houses for a few tricks and way too many treats. I am one proud mama hen to my sweet angel and have had the absolute time of my life with him on my favorite holiday.

The Prince Charming was the last costume I was allowed to pick out for Caleb.  After that year he insisted that he picks out the remainder of his costumes.  


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