Friday, January 27, 2017

A day in the life of me

Are you anything like me and love the know what the daily lives of moms are like? Or am I just the odd one of the bunch? I think my fascination stems from the idea that perhaps someone else has the "key" to life of motherhood figured out and if I keep searching I will find her and devour all of her wisdom to help my "so called life" run just a little more smoothly.  Well, I'm still searching, but meanwhile, I will fill you in on the dailies of what I describe as my life here at 523.

Monday thru Friday's are the exact same, on most occasions.  We run pretty close to clock work on the weekdays and that is because Caleb and I thrive on routine and knowing what it due and when.  So here it goes....

4:00 AM alarm goes off
4:30 I will finally get out of bed (hitting snooze 3 times which in turn drives Brad crazy)
4:35 Take Scooby out to go potty and then start my workout
5:00 Shower, brush teeth, lotion (etc) and then swish and swipe my bathroom
5:30 Get Caleb's lunch ready, unload dishwasher, start laundry, and coffee for me ;)
5:40 Hair and Makeup
6:05 Caleb gets up (well he opens his eyes at least) and gets dressed while I swish and swipe his bathroom and he makes his bed
6:20 Change over the laundry, make breakfast, load the car up
6:40 With breakfast in hand, Caleb and I head off for school and work

4:00 Pick up Caleb and we work on sight words during our drive home
4:30 Arrive home, unload the car, start more laundry, swish and swipe Brad's bath and help Caleb with homework
5:00 I have different things I do each day about this time, it will be my weekly home blessing, or zone work for the day.  Caleb usually gathers the laundry and will have one more small chore to do.
5:30 Caleb is usually finished with homework and is off to play, I will start dinner and fold laundry
6:30 Dinner time
7:00 Bath time for Caleb
7:20 Relax, talk with the hubs, hang out with Caleb
7:45 Put Caleb in his bed and read stories
8:00 Get myself ready for bed and then chill again with Brad
8:30 Bedtime....did you see the time I get up? I have to go to bed this early LOL

This goes on during weekdays and weeknights.  The weekend however is a free for all.  There is no getting up early in our house on the weekends.  Being that we do all of our work (if possible) during the week, the only thing that has to be done is making beds the dishes.  You will see that I didn't put dishes or making our bed on my list, that's because Brad does those two things.  Isn't he the best? :)   So with all of our typical duties done thru the week, Brad, Caleb and I use the weekend to go do different things with friends and family or just us or whatever fancy's us at the time.
That's a day in the life of me. What's your like?


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