Friday, May 5, 2017

Mommy and Me

Today's post is just some random ramblings of the time that Caleb and I spent together recently.

We went to see a marionette puppet show in Dallas over the weekend.  It was Jack and the Beanstalk.  I had never seen such a show before.  It was spectacular!!  Caleb laughed the entire way thru it.  After wards they let all of us go behind the scenes and see where the puppeteers sit while in action. They had told us about how the puppets were all hand carved by their own artists and performers and how heavy they were, etc.

Caleb is showing off his very own marionette puppet :)

We always have Sunday dinner at the MILs house, while there we found some birds that had been thrown out of the nest by the high winds we had.  We found a safe place for them where the buzzards wouldn't get them, until mommy and daddy got back with their food.  Caleb's not really liking the birds, they flop around too much for him and that is why he is forcing a smile.  LOL  But these birds were so unbelievably cute!!

Another day we went to Chuck E. Cheese and had some pizza loading fun playing games and then after wards we stopped for some birthday cake ice cream.  

These events were not all in one weekend they were over a few weekends throughout the month of April.  The hubs always works one day during the weekend so Caleb and I have our own day together to do fun "mommy and me" things.  Dad is not a fan of pizza or shows so we usually use that time to indulge in our favorite foods and activities during those times and save the other stuff that he likes for the time we have with him.  Basically, Caleb gets the best of both worlds.  :)  

This weekend Caleb starts back at swimming so we will be at the Natatorium for the next few weeks and we like to go grab lunch at Panera Bread (another place that dad doesn't like) and then hang out at the mall.  This weekend Caleb wants to go to our local "Going Bonkers" to play in their play area for a little bit.  I like it because there are other kids he can play with and it allows me to sit and read while he gets his energy out.   Then that night we will be chilling with Dad on the couch and have a family movie night.  I'm looking forward to the weekend.  How about you? What do you and your kiddos like to do?

Until next time, take care!!


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