Friday, May 12, 2017

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is the funniest

I kind of wondered if that title might get any one's attention.  Just like most people who are in good relationships, I love the hubby and my "love story".  However.....ours wasn't exactly "Romeo and Juliet" style nor was it "love at first sight".  Ours was much different....

Get a drink and a snack because this will take a little while...

First off Brad and I have been married for 14 years and together for 19.  I always joke about how it took him 5 years to decide that I was good enough to marry.  But in reality, we started dating (officially) when I was 16 years old, so I didn't expect him to "put a ring on it" for a while.

Now, for the "officially" part.  We actually met when I was 15.  He was a Senior in HS and I was a Freshman.  I never knew who he was, until a girl I played softball with told me about some guy named "Tiny" who wanted to meet me.  She never pointed him out to me nor did I even know his actual name, so I was in a complete loss as to him.  She said that he was going to come to our game that afternoon and she would introduce me when the game was over with.  So of course, I was a nervous wreck, knowing that a Senior was coming to a game to watch me play.  The game came and went, and the entire time I was looking around waiting to see if he'd come to talk to my teammate at anytime so I could get a glimpse of him.  But.......he never came to the game.  I was so worked up over that for the entire game, just so he could be a "no show".

I already did not like a person I had never seen, or talked too at that moment.

So I never heard anymore about "Tiny" until after the school year had got out.  My friend from softball asked me and some other girls to go to a party at her BFs house and that was where I finally met the notorious "Tiny".  Of course, it was still no match made in heaven.  Nope, not even close.  I didn't care too much for him before because he never showed to the game but this time he only said "hi" and went back to his buddies at the party.  When we were leaving the party, I was picked up from behind and abruptly thrown in the swimming pool, by none other than "Tiny".  My suede boots and were completely ruined and I had a time getting my wet jeans off of me.  I had decided that I would join the convent of nuns before ever coming close to dating him.

Let's skip to one year later at the end of my Sophomore year.  I had long forgot about Tiny, in fact I spent a good portion of my Sophomore chasing after another guy, named Dustin, in my class.  It never worked out though, he was most certainly not interested in me.  But that's ok because we became really good friends during the year and that was how I met another guy I dated for a little while.  I fell hard for the "friend" of Dustin's but he broke my heart and then I was a mess after that breakup.  My friends took me out, during my despair, and later we ended up hanging out with a bunch of other people.  Of course it was my luck that during my moments of anguish that Tiny would show up where we were all at.  At least there was no pool to be tossed in.

He had heard about my breakup (we live in a very small town) and just came over and talked to me.  He was a friend and a person to talk to and he was after nothing else.  That was what I had needed at that time.  So after a month of us hanging out, it obviously led into more than friends status and we realized that we actually had a connection of some kind.  I began to learn more about him and in that time.  I finally found out what his name was and oddly enough I found out that his brother was my good friend Dustin.  Nope, I never knew Dustin had a brother and before all of this I never cared to know if Tiny had any family.  So it was a little shocking to know that I was crushing hard on Tiny's little brother, but its true however embarrassing it might have been still is.

And that was how it all began.  I'm still a little sore over my suede boots, but "Tiny" has more than made up for it.

I hope you enjoyed, yet another, glimpse into our lives here at 523.  It is so true that every love story is beautiful and I am sure that just like me, yours is wonderful too!!  If you have funny stories to share about how you and your special other got together or your life together, let me know in the comment section below.  I will write more on Brad and my relationship in another post, because if you thought our meeting was funny, you will be sure to love how bad our wedding was.

Until next time, take care.


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