Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Things a lot of people don't know about me

I saw an idea on Pintrest about this post idea and decided to go for it.  I love reading posts like these....it gives you a more deeper look into someone's personality and additionally you get to know some crazy quirks about people.  I know I have plenty of them.  LOL  So here they are, things a lot of people don't know about me are:

  1. I have this weird thing that I don't really like things on the kitchen counter.  I don't keep our blender, toaster, mixer or even can opener on the counter.  It makes me feel clutter-ey and closed in while I'm in my kitchen.  However, Brad has his own little space on the end of the counter that he puts his stuff.  I really hate it but it's only one spot and I will go thru it periodically to minimize it when it gets totally out of control.  
  2. I have this very hardcore interest in the paranormal.  Not aliens and UFOs, but ghosts.  It's strange and I get the oddest looks when someone finds out (because I don't openly state it).  I don't really know when the interest started either.  I remember having these really weird happenings at the first house Brad and I lived in when we got married, and I summed it up to the old lady who used to live there was just getting even with me.  This house actually backed up to a house I lived in with my parents. So when I was little I would sneak in her garden and sneak buckets of blackberries.  I guess she's come back to haunt me for it.  I deserve it, truly.
  3. I love to wear uniforms as daily attire.  I enjoy dressing up on the weekends but Monday thru Friday, I adore the ease of a uniform.  I loved wearing uniforms when I went to a private school and desperately missed them when I moved and had to go to public school.  I enjoyed not knowing the financial status of others because we all looked the same.  I came to this conclusion when I was only 14 years old and has forever stuck with me.  Side note:  I wear uniforms to work also and I enjoy them just as much.
  4. I struggle daily with insecurities.  I struggle with my weight, hair, mothering abilities, being a wife, keeping the house picture perfect.  More often than not it can be paralyzing to me that I have no choice but to break down and cry it out to Brad.  And that does happen much more than I'd like to share. 
  5. I have a total full on anxiety disorder and (even though they are now rare) my panic attacks still immobilze me.  Oddly enough, I pull out my book called Sink Reflections and re-read it to calm my nerves.  I have this in the paperback as well as the Kindle edition and on my phone to listen to so anytime I have a panic attack I am prepared.  There has never been a time in my life that I claimed full complete sanity. LOL

So that's all I have.  I am sure there are more quirks that I probably do on a constant basis but can't think of them.  I will have to ask Brad what some of them are and maybe do a part 2 on this.  But that's just a little insider info on the girl that writes this blog.  Let me know what you thought and what your quirks might be.

Until next time, take care.


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