Friday, April 7, 2017

Flylady Tips from a Veteran Flybaby

I am an avid Flylady follower, going on 10 years now, and will probably always be.  After a decade of being with Flylady and her system, I have seen flybabies come and go and then come back again.  To be quite frank, I had left the system at one time and then a couple months later realized just how important my routines were to my life and came back in the nick of time.

I hate to see others fail at the system, or get frustrated by their outcomes because I know from experience that it can and does work for anyone.  After seeing different reviews and instagram comments that weren't so positive, I realized that maybe some flybabies need a few tips or maybe just a different person's perspective to help them get off the ground so they may fly also.  So I decided to put together a list of my own "Flylady Hacks" to help you from feeling flustered and instead help you to fly high!!

By the way, I am a payroll she and when I started Flylady I would leave my house at 6:30 in the morning to be at work by 8 and get home at 6:30 in the evening.  Leaving me little time to do blessings, laundry, dinner and sink shining.  After about 3 years of flying, I had my sweet baby boy and then I had an infant to take care of during it all.  Where's the hubs you may wonder? Well he grew up in a house that the man did the yard work and major house repairs, not so much cleaning and taking care of kiddos.  So he had to learn himself what to do, and I had to learn how to ask him as well.  I now would love to report that my awesome hubby shines the sink, makes the bed and he helps our son with his homework each night (and has been doing this for a few years now).  I really owe that to the Flylady system.

Home Blessing Hour:
One of the things that used to frustrate me was that I wanted so badly to do my home blessing on Mondays in the one hour time frame, like Flylady.  Well, after battling traffic for two hours (I am a payroll she), and needing to get dinner started as soon as I walked in the door, that one hour just wasn't there for me.  It was so frustrating and I felt constantly like I was failing at flying.  I finally had to bite my tongue, suck it up and just split up the chores through out the week.  It took a little while but I realized that I can't have Flylady's routine because I do not have her job, schedule or home.  I have to take her ideas and make them my own and fit my home and family.  I am essentially the "Flylady" of my house. :)  I now will do a blessing or two in the morning and one in the evening.  I typically get my blessings done by Tuesday afternoon, but no later than Wednesday morning.

The zones have always been a hard one for me.  I couldn't fit 15 minutes in after work to tackle a zone to save my life.  But how am I supposed to "Spring Clean" my home with the zone work if I can't fit in 15 minutes? Again, I felt as though I had failed because I couldn't do it the way Flylady said to do it. The things that I missed on this one was that I could do something towards my zone.  If I had thrown something in the oven to bake for 15 minutes, I would use that time.  If I had a spare 5 minutes in the afternoon, I'd do something.  I may not have been able to find the 15 minutes but I could find 1, 2 or 3 minutes throughout my evening or even the morning to do something towards my zones.  End result? No Spring Cleaning!! :)

Do it now principle:
The "do it now" term is basically doing what needs to be done right then.  Do not think about it or else you will just sit down and forget about it and then it grows into a large time consuming task.  When looking at your control journal you see your list of routines / zones / blessings, whatever it may be, you just take the first one and go.  This was another tough one for me even being a Veteran Flybaby, but I finally found a way to make it work a little easier.  I like the term "eat frog first".  I am not sure if that is even the correct wording and I know its not the exact quote.  But it means to do the hardest thing first.  I changed up my routines so that my morning routine had a frog first thing on the list which is my workout (ugh).  On my home blessing my frog was mopping my floors (double ugh), afternoon routine was swishing the hubby's bathroom (extreme ugh).  So do your hardest task first and then the "do it now" phrase won't be so hard.  After all, you just ate a frog, what else could you "do now" that could be worse?

My greatest lesson I learned from Flylady system was that it didn't matter how little of something I did, as long as I did something to push me forward.  My biggest accomplishment was our paper clutter.  It took me 2 years to clean out 15 years worth of paper work.  My husband and I had a 5 file drawer cabinet and four plastic tote boxes full of paper work.  I started just shredding a couple pages per day.  There were days I would take an entire folder and shred it on my lunch break at work and some days I'd only feel like shredding two pieces of paper.  When I looked at all I had left to do, it would seem overwhelming but I'd just make a deal with myself that if I would shred two pieces of paper right that moment, then I would call it good and go reward myself.  It didn't matter how much or how little I'd do because every single piece of paper was progression towards the goal.  I now have only two file drawers of organized by year, non-clutter, important papers that I can easily find in under 30 seconds. Two years may seem like a long time but it is something I never have to do again.  I just file or shred what I have when it comes in and that's it.  Now that this has all been established and is organized, I decided to reward myself with a larger prize.  We went and had our will made up and a  I had a life insurance policy taken out on myself to protect my hubby and son.  Being that I have everything in order, it was easy to find all the records I needed to do both of these things.  And the bonus is that my husband can find it easily if something was to happen to me.  I feel so empowered knowing that I have taken care of my family and it all started with shredding two pieces of paper per day, but it ultimately started with Flylady. 

Well that's all I have for now.  I am planning on adding to my "Flylady" tips soon and will post about my other flying adventures in the future, so keep on a look out for those.  If you have any questions regarding the Flylady System or how I made it all work for me, you may email me or leave a comment below.  I love helping others get their wings a flapping with routines.

Talk to you again soon.


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