Friday, March 24, 2017

About Us

So........523 is just our house number.  However, its really special to me because I feel like sharing a home with my little family has been my greatest achievement.  This is actually the second blog I have started based upon our house number but I went in a direction, in my last blog, that I couldn't keep up with.  I was promising posts too often and writing about stuff I just wasn't interested in to gather an audience.  I decided that I just wanted to write about what I wanted, which was stuff about our home and family, and not what I had too.  I love to write and actually, truth be told, I love to talk.  I think that might be one of the core reasons as to why I wanted to have a blog.  I just want some place to get it all out of my system, so I don't bore anyone else into listening when they may or may not be interested.  I feel that with a blog, others can read or not read and they won't have to endure my ramblings if they don't care too.  I think this kind of friendship works out the best for everyone.....don't you? :)

Well anyways, a little info about us would be that my hubs and I are in our mid thirties (depending on when you are reading this), with our currently six year old little boy.  We have a very spoiled dog who is a mix of a jack russell terrier and a chihuahua.  Of course only by his looks would you ever notice.  He's not a yappy dog, nor does he bounce off the walls.  But, back to the humans in our house, our son Caleb is a very happy and sweet little boy.  He has such a big heart but can also be quite contrary at times as well.  I'm sure that is how most boys or kids for that matter, can be, but since he's our one and only, I actually wouldn't know.  My philosophy on raising him is that I had better do the absolute best because I only have one chance to get it right.  I can't learn from my first one and relay it to my second like the Luvs commercial says, so I might actually put a little too much pressure on myself because of my thoughts with Caleb.

Now, my hubby is my high school sweetheart, I suppose you could say.  He wasn't in high school when we started dating, I was.  He is about three years older than me so I was a junior when we started dating.  I would be lying if I said it was love at first sight because I had actually met him my freshman year but he pushed me in the pool at a party and that was the last time I spoke to him until my junior year when we met up again.  I had actually had the biggest crush on his brother who was in my grade.  But he didn't have mutual feelings so that went absolutely nowhere.  Ironically I never knew that he had an older brother, nor that I had already met his older brother.  Stupid really, because I went to a school that only had 200 kids in it.  I am not  that observant, apparently.  But anyways, my crush ended with the younger brother followed by a few more dead end boyfriends and I moved on to much better when I met Brad.......again.   The second time it was a definite connection.  I knew within the first week of us dating that my life would never be the same.  I was already making wedding plans after that first week.  However, I was only 16 and it would take about 5 more years of on off dating before we finally married.  But I never looked back and I have been amazingly happy ever since.

So that brings you up to the wedding.  We were not the typical couple who gets married and starts a family right away.  We actually waited seven years before having Caleb.  We knew we wanted to make sure we were ready to give up the life we had of coming and going as we pleased and definitely more financial stability before diving into kids.  Little did we know that after having Caleb it opened up an incredible life that we could never have dreamed of.  I can't say I would change the time we waited because I think the time allowed us to really mature and allow us to be the best parents we could be.  However, I am sad that sometimes that we waited so long to have this amazing life with our son.  But we are here together with Caleb by our side and loving it completely.

Well I guess that should at least allow you to know who it is that I will be talking about in my upcoming post and give you an idea as to how my little family got started.  I will go into detail about us in more post, but until then, I probably should get back to work.


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