Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Hot Chocolate Inspired Makeup Look

Brrrrr, it's getting way too cold for us here in North Texas!!

We just had our first "freeze" since last winter and therefore I felt compelled to break out the hot chocolate....well chocolate "pallet" that is.  So today's look is inspired by the wonderfully warm cup of hot chocolate that we all love during the winter months.  I hope you enjoy.

I recently picked up the Wet N Wild Nude Awakening pallet and today is the first time I am using it, so I have no thoughts on it just yet.  But I will be doing more tutorials soon to come with it and will gather my ultimate thoughts and let you know.   But today, I went in with the transition color for my crease on a large fluffy brush.  You can just use any sort of light cool toned transition color you have that's somewhat close to this one if you don't own this pallet

I next pulled out what started this all off, the Covergirl Chocolate Bronzer pallet.  I use the bronzer color and heavily concentrated it in my crease with a fluffy brush.

I went back to Nude Awakening and with a flat brush, I packed the white color on and then spritzed it with a setting spray and packed it on my lid.  I used a fluffy brush to also use it on my brow bone as well....just without the setting spray this time.

I went into the Rimmel Crimson pallet and used the dark brown color and deepened the outer V just a tiny bit....but not too much of this color, because it will take on a warmer toned eye look and that's not quite what we are going for.

I used the Wet N Wild highlight bar in Earth on my inner tear duct for brightness.

I also used a cream colored eye liner in my lower water line and then smudged the bronzer color along the lower lash line.

Black liquid liner on my top lash line, curled the lashes and applied multiple coats of mascara and now we are ready to move along.

I the Covergirl Chocolate pallet bronzer as my contour and bronzer.

I used the Maybelline Bouncy Blush in Coffee Cake for my blush color...it was so perfect with this look.

Again, I used the WNW Highlight bar in Earth, but I topped my cheek bones with it.

For my lips, I used Loreal's Candy Man Chocolate Infallible Matte lip cream and then topped it with the Milani Holigraphic Stellar Gloss in Opalescent.....it was the "marshmallow topping" to my look :)

And there you have it.....oh, I also put on my Hershey Kiss necklace that my boys gave me a few years back.....I just adore this sweet little necklace.....my boys know me too well.

Well, that's all I have for today.  I know it's been a few hot minutes since being on the blog.  Our little family have unfortunately had a few rough weeks lately and I am one who just curls up in a ball and waits out the storm....so to speak.  But like anything in life, it always passes and the sun always shines again.  So that's where I am at now, the storm has passed and the sun is shining. 

I hope you enjoyed my post and will come back and visit me again here at 523.  I will see you again really soon...until next time, take care.