Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19th Goals

It's Monday everyone, as much as we do or don't like it, we still have to go thru it.  But it's always better when you have a plan in action as to what to do.  Just like any other Monday, below you will see my weekly goals laid out for your viewing (and mine).  Here we go...

So this Monday is cruddy for Caleb.  Poor thing had to go get two cavities filled this morning.  He's sore and very tired.  However, I think a good nap will cure him of his illness for sure.

My weekly home blessing is in order for this week most definitely.  My list is as follows:

  • sweep / mop
  • vacuum
  • dust
  • change / wash sheets
  • wash bathmats
  • wipe microwave
  • clean out Scooby's bowls (our dog)

I only spend about 10-15 minutes per task and some only take mere seconds to accomplish.  I usually do a couple each day and have it all completed by Tuesday or Wednesday.  I love doing this during the week so the weekends can be saved for family, fun and relaxation.

The zone for this week is the master bed room and bathroom.  I am looking forward to clearing out my nightstands and reorganizing them.  I will show you what they look like when I finish.  I have some big plans for my nightstands and the materials needed already.  I just have to schedule in the time to do it.  

Flylady's pamper mission for the week is to either go have lunch with a friend or spend 15 minutes chatting with them on the phone.  I will find that easy because I chat with my bffs all the time. :)

I'm still trying very hard to make my workouts more of a priority and I am continuing with that this week.  I usually will do 45 minute aerobic workout Monday thru Friday mornings.  I don't know how easy it is for other people to get up a little early to workout but with my schedule I have to get up at 4:15 in the morning to work out.  So I try to give myself a great deal of credit when I get it done and a little slack if I miss one.  But I am always after progress not perfection.

I have just recently started reading a daily devotions book for women.  I am really enjoying it so far.  I love getting up and getting a positive start to the day with encouraging words.  What prompted me to start a daily devotions was because I have been feeling down and out for a few weeks now and was looking for some positive reinforcements to help me.  I do suffer from anxiety and depression and have for most of my adult life.  I am on a prescription medicine and I am able to lead a very happy and fulfilled life, but I still get my moments from time that can become a tad difficult to endure.  It usually stems around stress, overworking, under budgeting, or just busyness that I sometimes fall into.   And that is going on right now in my life because I am planning Caleb's birthday party, while redecorating his room and planning a mini trip to Austin in the coming weeks.  I really push myself this time of the year so its no wonder my body and mind react this way.

But with all of that said, I started reading devotions each morning and meditating a bit each day.  I can already tell a beautiful difference in myself already and I am excited to incorporate more uplifting activities in my day.  I had thought about getting back into journaling or even those adult coloring books.  But for now I am going to work on devotion reading becoming a habit and then assess from there.  I will let you know if I add anything else to my list.  

So I believe that is all I have for now.  It seems like a long list but I don't have to do it all in one day and most everything I do, I will set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes to do this in.   So it's not so overwhelming to me.  Let me know what your week looks like, I'd love to know.

Until next time, take care.