Friday, January 18, 2019

Swatches / Looks / Final Thoughts on Rimmel Electric Violet Pallet - Did It Make the Grade?

Happy Fri-YAY!!  I'm excited for this weekend...its Caleb's Cub scouts pinewood derby race tomorrow!! Caleb and the hubs are both really looking forward to see how well their car does.  They have both worked so very hard and long on building their car, so the anxiousness is quite high.  But you didn't come here to talk pinewood derby came for the girly stuff, am I right?

So let's do this.  I am going to give you the completed looks, swatches and my final thoughts on if this pallet makes the cut.  I hope you enjoy.
I have done 4 looks with my Rimmel Magnifique Eyes Pallet in Electric Violet.  My grade for the multiple looks one could get with this pallet is most definitely an "A" for the grade book.  I know you could come up with many more looks than what I did, using this pallet.  I'd like to play around and do a very, very deep smokey eye soon.  But for now, here's the 4 looks I made.

I have swatched it three different ways, one using my finger, one using a dry brush and one using a brush with setting spray. 

As you can see the setting spray and my finger make absolutely no difference in swatches.  So I gave this another "A".

Then when you compare to the dry brush swatches, you will see a substantial difference.  For these swatches I gave the pallet a "C".  They are way too sheer and lack the pigment that I know Rimmel can do, even with a dry brush. 

Just as a side note, I do not base my thoughts on how it performs with my finger.  I don't like using my finger as a tool for makeup application so its not something I will use.  However, because I am good with using a setting spray to deepen the intensity, I will put that into play when determining how I feel about the shadows. 

Remember, these are just my own personal thoughts on this and you will want to take your favorite application method into consideration when deciding which pallets to use.

Staying power is ok, when the shadows are dry.  I noticed fading about mid day throughout the look.  But when applied wet, the staying power amps up to being nearly all day without any sort of fading.  So I gave the staying power a "B". 

Let's talk texture in these shadows.  They are soft shadows so you must expect fallout.  While I do expect the fallout, I do NOT expect this much.  I have worked with hundreds of shadows over the years and even including the other Rimmel Magni'figue pallets and still have never had this much fall out.  Here's where I'm having to wipe the fall out off my face, that was already finished with foundation and powder.

So unfortunately I actually failed this part of the pallet with a "F".  I know it's harsh, but it gets better..... 

Because they are very soft eyeshadows, this does allow them to blend out so very that case I gave them an "A".  This is actually a very user friendly pallet, in my opinion because they blend out so beautifully.

Alrighty, last item is $10 USD, you cannot get any better....well ok, so Wet N Wild may have some pallets cheaper but no one else does.  I had no problem paying the $10 for this pallet, therefore I gave the price another "A" in the grade book.

Now we get into my final thoughts and what overall grade was given on the pallet.  I actually averaged out each letter grade and came up with the total score of a 3.14, which basically makes this pallet a "B".  Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

  I do really enjoy this pallet and had such fun using it.  While I don't like the sheerness of the shades dry, I know I can amp them up to a whole other level with a little setting spray.....and to be honest, they are killer shades when used with a setting spray. 

I do think the sheerness of the shadows will aid in anyone who is new to using color or even makeup in general because it won't be quite so overwhelming of pigment and it's pretty hard to screw it up dry.  So this pallet can be very versatile and I love that about a pallet. 

My only huge con with this pallet is the fallout.  I can't get over just how much there is, even after tapping off my brush.  I am not one who likes to do face makeup last so this is one hard thing for me to get past when using this pallet.  But if you don't mind using shadow shields or applying your foundation after the eye look is complete then I think this would be an great purple pallet to use.

So there you have thoughts and final grade on the Rimmel Magnifique Pallet in Electric Violet.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and found it helpful.  If you have any questions please let me know, I am happy to answer them.

Thank you for visiting me here at 523, I will be back again next week with some more good stuff to talk about.  I hope you all have an amazing weekend!! Until next time, take care.